Road Rudeness

I was unfairly honked at yesterday. While waiting to turn left from a busy road, a woman behind me leaned on her horn. I turned around to see her lifting up her arms in exasperation. At me!

But I was waiting for the left turn signal! There were two cars coming from the other direction. True, their right turn signals were on. But you can’t always trust those signals. Sometimes they lie. Or maybe the drivers just change their minds…

But this woman was agitated, so I caved – I made the left. I thought she would peel away, but instead, she stayed behind me for the next two turns, onto our block.

When I turned into our driveway, she had the nerve to give me a nasty look as she went. And she’s most likely a neighbor!

Why can’t drivers save their rude ways for neighborhoods where they don’t live?

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