Driving Mad

As I start driving regularly for the first time, I like to take my time turning left. Why rush? I prefer to wait, not only until there is no car in the immediate vicinity, but until there are no cars on the horizon. I feel much safer turning when the coast is clear.

Not all drivers share my love of caution, I have discovered. If I hesitate to make a left turn, or even wait a second to turn right, I am greeted by a chorus of angry horns honkers.

What these honkers don’t realize is that their horns are the last noise a nervous driver should hear. I want to open my window and yell at them, “If you think my driving is bad now, wait until you honk a few more times!”

Horn honking can make the most seasoned driver jittery, I think. Maybe I will purchase a bumper sticker that expresses this theory.

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