Closet Racists

We had a blind date with some potential friends, which seemed promising at first. We met online, then got together in person for the first time on Sunday.

It all went swimmingly at first.  We chatted about moving to the US from abroad, finding stores that sold British foods, etc.  But then, out of the blue, the wife used a derogatory term to refer to an Asian person. I thought I had misheard her.  My husband and I were busy trying to keep our two year old from assaulting their dog, so it was easy to get distracted.  

But no, I had heard correctly.  I was not just surprised by the slur —  I was even more taken aback that she thought that would be acceptable in front of people she had just met.  What made her think that we would find that acceptable?

In London, you wouldn’t dare make a comment like that, no matter what you might have thought, or talked about behind closed doors.  You never knew who was married to someone from another race or religion (a religious slur also made its way into this couple’s conversation).

I mean, we’re eager to make friends, but you gotta draw the line somewhere….

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