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What World Cup?

When the World Cup began, I was impressed by how many bars here in Atlanta planned to show the matches. Big signs promising drink specials and multiple television screens popped up outside several neighborhood establishments. But that was before I realized that very few people would patronize them.

A few bars here attract crowds on weekends, I have heard. But the masses of diehard hard fans who would go to pubs in London to watch the World Cup during the week, even at unsociable hours, don’t seem to be present here in Atlanta.

Maybe people are recording the matches, and watching them later in the comfort of their own homes. Or maybe they’re content to get live scores from their handheld devices.

But I feel for the bars who decided to open early, and offer breakfast specials to entice the legions of World Cup fans who don’t seem to be here.

Why the World Cup Tie?

During a barbecue viewing party for the England-US World Cup match on Saturday, a frustrated American viewer yelled when she saw the final score: “What kind of sport has games that end in ties?!”

I felt for her, because she was obviously new to non-American football, and the startling prevalence of draws — especially in this World Cup so far.

I have grown accustomed to tie games, after six years of marriage to an Englishman whose team doesn’t always do what its supporters hope. A draw, after all, is better than a loss — even if the scoreboard reads: “0-0.”

As an American with a British passport, I wasn’t heartbroken with the result — at least nobody lost.

Beckham Out of the World Cup?

I hope David Beckham will still have a spot on the bench for the World Cup in June. Over the past several months, he’s emerged as one of the most clean cut of the England squad – an odd turn of events.

All of the seedy revelations about the sex life of former Captain John Terry made me nostalgic for David Beckham’s transgressions. When he was last widely reported to have cheated on his wife, he didn’t target a teammate’s girlfriend.

Instead, Beckham allegedly romanced an employee of a company assigned to look after him while he was in Spain. In many ways, an affair (which he denied) wasn’t so far out of bounds.

The Terry captaincy heralded a new era of sleaze. David Beckham’s presence could have a calming influence on the England team. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.