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Beckham Out of the World Cup?

I hope David Beckham will still have a spot on the bench for the World Cup in June. Over the past several months, he’s emerged as one of the most clean cut of the England squad – an odd turn of events.

All of the seedy revelations about the sex life of former Captain John Terry made me nostalgic for David Beckham’s transgressions. When he was last widely reported to have cheated on his wife, he didn’t target a teammate’s girlfriend.

Instead, Beckham allegedly romanced an employee of a company assigned to look after him while he was in Spain. In many ways, an affair (which he denied) wasn’t so far out of bounds.

The Terry captaincy heralded a new era of sleaze. David Beckham’s presence could have a calming influence on the England team. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.