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Who Are You Calling Old?!

A colleague explained to me that the reason Susan Boyle is topping music sales charts is because her fan base is old. Young people today don’t buy CD’s.

She may have a point. I bought the CD for my mother in law, who does not have an iTunes account (in fact, she may not even know what iTunes is). And, I am not ashamed to say, I bought “I Dreamed a Dream” for myself. Who doesn’t enjoy a rousing show tune around the holidays, as sung by a Scottish songstress with a Cinderella story?

I plan to copy it onto my iPod, then pop it into the CD player in my car. For people who have figured out how to play an iPod in a car, I salute you. I prefer old school entertainment while I’m behind the wheel. Anything more complicated than a built in CD player would be too distracting.

While my husband and I were shopping for a car earlier this year, a Volvo salesman told us about a woman who dropped her iPod while driving on the highway. She then BENT DOWN TO GET IT — and (surprise, surprise) caused an accident.

The salesman told the story to illustrate how safe the Volvo SUV was. It flipped over, but the driver escaped relatively unscathed — no word on the iPod. He recounted how the officer who attended the iPod-spawned rollover said, “You’re luck you were driving a Volvo” (not: “Why did you bend down to get your iPod while driving on the highway, you idiot?” as I would have).

So in many matters, old people know what they’re doing, such as in CD purchasing. I was pleased to see that another top CD seller is Andrea Boccelli’s “My Christmas” — another recent purchase of mine. “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” has never sounded sexier than when sung by an Italian.