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Who Are You Calling Old?!

A colleague explained to me that the reason Susan Boyle is topping music sales charts is because her fan base is old. Young people today don’t buy CD’s.

She may have a point. I bought the CD for my mother in law, who does not have an iTunes account (in fact, she may not even know what iTunes is). And, I am not ashamed to say, I bought “I Dreamed a Dream” for myself. Who doesn’t enjoy a rousing show tune around the holidays, as sung by a Scottish songstress with a Cinderella story?

I plan to copy it onto my iPod, then pop it into the CD player in my car. For people who have figured out how to play an iPod in a car, I salute you. I prefer old school entertainment while I’m behind the wheel. Anything more complicated than a built in CD player would be too distracting.

While my husband and I were shopping for a car earlier this year, a Volvo salesman told us about a woman who dropped her iPod while driving on the highway. She then BENT DOWN TO GET IT — and (surprise, surprise) caused an accident.

The salesman told the story to illustrate how safe the Volvo SUV was. It flipped over, but the driver escaped relatively unscathed — no word on the iPod. He recounted how the officer who attended the iPod-spawned rollover said, “You’re luck you were driving a Volvo” (not: “Why did you bend down to get your iPod while driving on the highway, you idiot?” as I would have).

So in many matters, old people know what they’re doing, such as in CD purchasing. I was pleased to see that another top CD seller is Andrea Boccelli’s “My Christmas” — another recent purchase of mine. “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” has never sounded sexier than when sung by an Italian.

She Dreamed a Dream

A colleague today told me she was shocked that Susan Boyle had the best first week sales of any album this year. In fact, she was appalled, and wondered aloud who ever buy her album.

The answer was sitting next to her. I helped boost the Scottish sensation’s sales in two countries (UK and US) by buying “I Dreamed a Dream” twice: last week, I bought a copy for my mother in law (I would think that anyone with a British mother in law would want to purchase one, unless their sisters in law had beat them to it) and one copy, I am not ashamed to say, for myself.

I admit that I enjoy the odd show tune. “Les Miserables,” which spawned the album’s title track, is a favorite. And who wouldn’t be inspired by the story of Susan Boyle (or SuBo, as the British tabloids lovingly call her)? She went from obscurity, to fame, to meltdown, to recording sensation with a makeover thrown in, all inside a year.

She’s even outdone the debut of Eminem’s “Relapse.” I can understand if he is slightly depressed by that. As my colleague today proved, SuBo is not for everyone — unless everyone is a mother in law.

Happy Thanksgiving from the UK

I am spending Thanksgiving in the UK, which feels odd, because Brits do not celebrate the holiday. My in-laws, who are our hosts, served up some turkey, but otherwise, it feels somewhat unthankful to be here.

Luckily, we have some American expat friends who are having us over for the big day. And we were excited to be here for the debut of the new Susan Boyle album. At the HMV in Solihull, West Midlands, 70 copies had been sold by 2 PM — I believe we bought the 71st. My only fear is that my sister in law had the same idea, and my mother in law will end up with two copies of I Dreamed a Dream.

If that doesn’t spawn feelings of Thanksgiving, I don’t know what will….