Smoothie King

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I decided to indulge in a smoothie. And luckily, there is a Smoothie King in one of our local strip malls here in Atlanta. But after five minutes in the shop, I realized that the concept of indulgence had morphed into gluttony.

They were massive. The small was 20 ounces!! The large was 40 OUNCES!! Most people I know don’t consume 40 ounces of liquid in a day, let alone in one cup.

And these smoothies weren’t just any liquid. They were packed with protein powder, whey, and other ingredients I didn’t recognize.

There was one smoothie chain that I knew of in London, called Crussh. Their drinks were considerably smaller than US smoothies seem to be, and featured fruit based drinks — rather than the chocolate and peanut butter options at Smoothie King.

Whenever I fancied a dessert-type smoothie in London, I had to head to McDonald’s and get a McFlurry. You get less than 20 ounces, but that wasn’t bad for 99p. And it was quick.

After waiting for about five minutes in Smoothie King, I gave up — the line was too long, and it just wasn’t moving. I suppose generating 40 ounces of thick liquid doesn’t happen fast.

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