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When There’s a Will….

For the first time, I was insulted by a voicemail greeting.

I had called a lawyer recommended by a friend, because we need new wills. While we had them drawn up in the UK, I’m told that foreign wills don’t protect US assets.

When the voicemail picked up, a man’s voice said: “I’m either away from my phone, or I have decided to ignore your call, because the number was blocked.”

Was my number blocked? I didn’t think it was, but then, he didn’t answer my call. And he sure sounded mad on that greeting. I wonder what he has against blocked numbers. I was immediately wary of this lawyer, if he is putting conditions on answering my call before we have even spoken.

I got in touch with another lawyer, based on another recommendation, who suggested he sit down in his office with me and my husband to discuss his services. He bills at about $400 an hour, so this could be one expensive meeting.

In London, our bank’s legal department did our wills for the grand total of 80 pounds (approximately $130). I fear that won’t even get us through the receptionist here…