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A Taste of Americana

For my first Fourth of July back in the US since 2000, we decided to shop for a grill. Now that we have a backyard, we are told that we will need a gas burning grill — the bigger the better — that we should expect to use three or four times a week.

During a trip to Home Depot, we discovered a dizzying range of prices. We also realized just how seriously people take their grills. When we asked the friendly sales representative whether we should get gas or charcoal, he replied: “Ideally, both!”

When we look surprised, he explained: “No one ever won a cooking contest with a gas grill.”

That might be true, but we hardly aspire to win any contests. Our only goal is to cook outside without burning down the house. The propane tank makes me nervous. All it takes is a wayward match to end our grilling days — and perhaps our house owning days.

I was drawn to the Weber — the Mercedes of grills, according to our sales rep. The cheapest one they stocked cost $400, which was more than we had planned to spend.

But after doing a bit more research, I discovered that many suburbanites, regardless of the size of their house, yard, or income, regularly spend upwards of $500 on grills.

The Weber, apparently, would last for ten years, and beyond. When we explained that we might not last ten years in Atlanta, our sales associate told us we might be find with a Brinkmann, on sale for less than $200.

But the Weber, apparently, is the easiest to use. For two barbeque novices, that might be our best bet.