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Tiger’s Return

I am surprised to hear that Tiger Woods will return to professional golf next month at the Masters. A local golf expert who lives nearby was just telling me that he thought Tiger would sit the tournament out this year, since it would make his apology for his infidelities look insincere.

He thought he should miss the Masters, arguably the most prestigious tournament, to prove he was really sorry for his behavior.

But then, he has been on the sidelines since November. And months of rehab must get draining.

I wish the tournament wasn’t such a tough ticket to get, since it’s only up the road. I suppose that makes the Masters the logical choice for his return. I’ll be sure to tune in.

Tiger Talks

I am impressed by the level of international uproar Tiger Woods has created with his infidelities. I can’t think of any other athlete who would generate this much interest with his extracurricular activities. CNN AND CNN International took his apology live this morning.

And that was one intense mea culpa. I was impressed at the level of detail he gave about his therapy, his Buddhist background, and above all, his admission of his many affairs.

But I wonder where Elin was….

God Jul

While shopping at a Swedish Christmas Fair here in Atlanta today, I was very flattered when a woman started speaking Swedish to me.

To be confused with a Swede made my day. Swedish women always seem to be stunning, like Tiger Woods’ wife.

I am baffled by his philandering. None of his alleged mistresses are anywhere near as attractive as she is. But I suppose it’s the thrill of the deception, rather than the level of attractiveness, that makes certain men stray.

I was so pleased to be mistaken for one of Elin Nordegren’s countrywomen that I purchased two traditional Swedish Christmas tree ornaments, along with a t-shirt.