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Weather Whiplash, Part II

A brisk snow storm is falling on Atlanta, but the bright side is this: the hail stones that hit me as I loaded the kids into the car this morning have abated, turning into fluffy flakes.

But what surprises me most about the winter weather isn’t the timing: snow seems to fall in the Northeast, where I’m from, well into April. What is odd about today’s storm here in Atlanta is that it was almost 60 degrees and sunny yesterday.

How is it possible that today, it’s just above freezing?

Even President Obama was surprised. He opened his talk in Savannah, Georgia, this afternoon by saying that he was expecting 60 or 70 degree temperatures here in Georgia.

This isn’t DC, after all….

Rio 2016

I’m happy for Rio, but I feel bad for Obama. First he says that he won’t travel to Copenhagen to push for Chicago because his hands are full with the health care battle.

Then he changes his mind, and joins Michelle and Oprah (!) at International Olympic Committee meeting to campaign for his adopted home city.

I thought his visit would clinch the Chicago victory, and Oprah would send it hurtling over the finish line.

I’m glad that South America will finally host the Olympics. But I may have to reassess the world’s opinion of Obama…and Oprah.

Presidential Intervention

I’m glad that Obama has stepped into the controversy surrounding Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s arrest.

It would have been easy to stay on the sidelines, and let it be a local issue. Having them both over for a White House picnic on Thursday makes it seem as though everyone is friends.

It’s good to have a president who’s willing to do the right thing, after he waded in with his opinion last week (saying the Cambridge Police Department acted “stupidly.”).

There’s no better way to backtrack than to throw a picnic.