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The neighborhood has gone to the dogs

Over the past few days, I have had some ugly encounters with local dogs.

First, I was growled and barked at by a pit bull, which had been rescued from a shelter by a woman in my book club. Thankfully, he was trapped behind a dog gate, as he snarled, barked and clawed, or I too would have needed to be rescued.

This evening, I watched as a dog relieved himself outside our house (his owner cleaned up after him, but still. Yeesh).

And this morning, yet another angry dog barked and bared his (sharp!) lower teeth at me when I climbed into our car, which was parked outside his owner’s house (the owner — and his leash — were not in sight).

The free roaming angry dog belongs to our friendly neighbors, who had welcomed us to the street by delivering us a casserole in person when we moved in. I wouldn’t feel right bitching about their dog. But that was an unpleasant start to the day.

I wonder what suburban etiquette is when it comes to loose dogs…