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This Wouldn’t Happen in Atlanta

<a href=”“>My friend’s mom emailed me this link, so it has clearly permeated several layers of pop culture. My favorite part is when the 60 something woman joins in the line dancing in Liverpool Street Station.

Obviously, T-Mobile is behind it. But mass dancing would have been cool to witness. During my eight years in London, I saw many news reports about spontaneous eruptions of dance from crowds in train stations and other public places. But I never witnessed them myself.

Maybe it’s a trend I’ll have to start here. But I think it would be tough to get enough people to have the awe-inspiring effect.

It dawned on me during the Atlanta Marathon last month how much smaller our new city is than London. It was always tough to get a spot of ground to stand on during the London Marathon — rain or shine (usually rain). And despite the reasonably good weather here, we only saw two spectators on one spot along the Atlanta route.

I hope there were more at the finish.