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International Effort in Haiti

This is a heartwarming glimmer of hope in the midst of the carnage in Haiti — a toddler pulled out alive and unharmed from the rubble of ruined buildings.

Watching this news report from Australia’s 7 News, and other interviews with aid workers from the US, the UK and beyond made me realize what an international impact the earthquake had — and how far-reaching the rescue effort is.

Heartbreak in Haiti

As heartbreaking as the images are of the devastation in Haiti, I am glad to see how prominent the news coverage is. From the 13 year old girl who was pulled out of the rubble on CNN yesterday, to the baby Dr. Sanjay Gupta helped today, I haven’t been able to stop watching. I reassured to know that the world cares about the story.

I am also impressed by how many people are trying to help. A group of women in my neigborhood are raising money to give to CARE International. They have friends who are deploying to Haiti to help in the rescue effort. So I’ll feel a little less helpless by giving money to them, the Red Cross, UNICEF, etc.

I hope more aid gets there soon….