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US: In Vogue Again

img_2983 It’s a great feeling to have the US admired again. After eight years of living out of the US, timed perfectly to coincide with the Bush presidency, I am proud to say I helped to vote Obama into office.

I do wonder sometimes whether Americans living abroad will confront angry questions from Europeans like I did about why the US is so aggressive in its foreign policy; the legality of holding prisoners in Guantánamo Bay; and why the World Series is called that when only the US partakes.

It’s fantastic to see a US First Lady on the cover of Vogue (and Oprah’s magazine! And Essence! And People!). And to see almost as much coverage of Michelle Obama’s visit to a London girls’ school as the world leaders’

Country Sick

I would say I was homesick, but the UK was only a temporary home. But I miss it still. Watching video of the G-20 protesters by the Houses of Parliament, overlooking the Thames, I got huge pangs for London.
When you leave a place like London, it’s easy to forget why you left: the lack of space, the traffic, the soaring prices…and remember just the fun parts: walking by Buckingham Palace on your way to a show in the West End; strolling along the river on a cool summer’s evening; catching a Shakespearean show at the Globe…
It’s also easy to romanticize the past when you’re facing an eviction from a landlord whose house is about to go into foreclosure. I had some nutty housing situations in London (sleeping on friends’ futons…. living in a tiny studio flat without a washing machine… sharing a three bedroom flat with five people who smoked…) but nothing like this.

But when you go to Holland Park on a sunny day, and the light just illuminates the trees. The sunshine rarely means oppressive heat — or even any heat. On those days when it’s not raining (few and far between, it’s true) it’s idyllic. You feel like you’re in a quaint English garden when you walk down the stairs through the manicured flower gardens.

And your kids are delighted by the wild peacocks who roam randomly through the park. They insist on going back again and again, to see the big blue birds.


And you wonder why you ever left.

Surprise Activism