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End of the (Yellow Brick?) Road for Elton John

As a savvy reader pointed out in a comment on my last blog, we Atlantans might have a long wait for a road, street, or even a boulevard named after Elton John.

Though he is a famous, well-spoken, elder-statesman of music, he is not an elected official. Not even a former elected official. If you start naming places after musicians, what’s next?

Roads named after the Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Where is Elton John Road?

While listening to an old Elton John CD in the car today, I wondered why Atlanta does not seem to reciprocate the singer’s love of the city.

A friend of mine who works in the music industry tells me that Elton John has said that Atlanta is his favorite place in the US (I have been unable to independently verify this comment).

Whether he said that or not, he certainly has a home here. So why no “Elton John Road?” Former President Jimmy Carter is represented in the names of a Boulevard, library, museum and other high-profile establishments.

Elton John appeared in the news on a regular basis in the UK. From his wedding to David Furnish, to his desire to adopt a Ukranian boy.

I guess that’s why they call it the blues….