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How to Help Haiti

A woman from my neighborhood emailed the hundreds of families in the parents’ association the attached article from The New York Times.

It quotes aid experts who say that often, in the wake of a disaster like the earthquake in Haiti, well-intentioned people send misguided aid.

I can only assume that this email comes in response to a drive launched by someone else from the neighborhood last week. A woman organized a drive to send used shoes to Haiti.

I wondered how they would get to shoes to the people who need them. It’s true that in the horrifying pictures on the news, survivors often seem to be without shoes.

And I understand the helplessness you feel when watching the pictures of the desperate people in Haiti; you want to do something, but you don’t know what.

The NYT article also says that formula isn’t necessary, because mothers would be better off breast feeding babies. But of course, there are so many orphans who don’t have the luxury of nursing.
The positive side to all of this is how generous everyone is trying to be, in any way they can.