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Sarah Ferguson’s Mess

In light of the News of the World sting, exposing Sarah Ferguson’s selling access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, I have discovered two ardent camps of Fergie friends and foes.

There seem to be opposing views about the Duchess on York on either side of the Atlantic. My British in-laws think that she has consistently tarnished the Royal Family’s good name, whereas my American brother thinks that the royals shoved her aside after her divorce from Prince Andrew.

Maybe a little bit of both is true: she lives in a wing of a royal residence, but doesn’t get to attend royal events. Her title helped her win the lucrative Weight Watchers spokesperson gig, but might prevent her from doing much else…

…beyond hoodwinking businessmen into giving her money to arrange meetings with her ex-husband.

My only question is whether Prince Andrew was as ignorant about the scheme as they claim.