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Cell Phone Etiquette

I had a freebie personal training session today, which is supposed to lead to a paid session — at $90 a pop. You would think at those prices I would have had the prospective trainer’s undivided attention.

But no. She had her cell phone in her hand throughout the hour, and checked it constantly. While I was doing stomach crunches, or leg lifts, or squats, she was scrolling through texts. Her hookup from the night before, maybe? What text could really be so interesting that you bury your face in your phone while a new client is in front of you?

Not that my stomach crunches were so interesting to look at. But why would I want to pay someone to read texts while I did squats? 

When I last lived in the US, nearly eight years ago, cell phones were a novelty, I remember. Now, not only does everyone have one, but they use them all the time.

When I picked up my son from preschool, I had to stand there and wait to get a report from the teacher on how his day had gone — because she was on her cell phone. She was planning her afternoon babysitting gig.  And what a boring conversation: “Why don’t we meet at Target?  OK, then how about next to the Target?”  Important, maybe, but it could have been quicker.

She didn’t seem to think it was odd to keep me waiting there while she chatted away. So maybe I’m in the minority on this issue.

But it drives me nuts when I see drivers chatting, or — even worse — texting on their phones. Whenever someone cuts me off, or blasts out of a driveway into traffic without looking, you know before you even see them that they’re on the phone.

Seriously, is it that important that it can’t wait?