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Taking Responsibility: BP’s Oil Spill

While I appreciate BP’s CEO admitting that the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is his company’s fault, I couldn’t help feeling that I share some of the blame.

I buy gas (not from BP stations since the April 20th explosion, but still…) and, as it turns out, I am a BP shareholder.

When I looked today at a breakdown of my kids’ savings accounts in the UK, I noticed that BP is the top held share in both funds.

I didn’t pick the shares — the Child Trust Fund administrator did — but I didn’t protest when I saw the statement. My kids are too young to ask probing questions about why we support big polluters with their college funds, but that day might come soon.

Maybe it is time for us to switch to alternative fuels, and to diversify the kids’ savings into ethically sound companies.

In the meantime, if we make it to a Gulf of Mexico beach this summer, we will be sure to bring the tar remover.