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A British Banquet

We are having some new friends over for dinner this weekend, which is a nerve-wracking proposition. They hosted us a few weeks ago for a fantastic three course extravaganza, complete with a cheese board, fine china and crystal glassware (two different glasses — one for red wine, and one for white!).

They are Italian, so their meal featured Italian style bread, pasta and meat.

We are now grappling with the question of how to reciprocate. Since we’re British, should we serve a British style dinner? During my time in the UK, a British dinner often meant no dinner — just beer.

The alternative would be a quintessential British dish, like bangers and mash. But I’m not sure that would go down well people who are used to light pasta dishes.

I suppose we should also break out the wedding china, which could be difficult, since several pieces didn’t survive the move from London.

Perhaps I will consult our Jamie Oliver cookbook: “Jamie in Italy,” for a fusion of the two cultures…