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Shady Slim

I find it very odd that Andre Agassi would employ an assistant who abused crystal meth, even if he did have a cool name like Slim.

Wouldn’t a professional athlete want a healthy, drug free assistant? Or, if one wasn’t available, how about a druggie who was a bit more discreet?

Maybe Slim could have waited until he got home to snort his meth. If he enjoyed dissolving it into Coke, as Agassi says, he shouldn’t have had too tough a time concealing the habit.

I am now nostalgic for the late ’90s, when the economy was robust enough to offer job security to people like Slim. He not only tempted his famous boss to risk his career by snorting illegal drugs right alongside him, but also got high himself while assisting him.

Of course, Agassi ultimately fired Slim. I wonder what finally sealed his fate, if getting high on the job was acceptable.