Trader Joe’s Exposed

Trader Joe’s always seemed so American to me: from the plentiful free samples, to the friendly and knowledgeable staff (who actually appear happy to be working there) to the free stickers and lollipops for kids.

So I was surprised to read that it is actually owned by German supermarket kingpins.

Even though it’s a chain, Trader Joe’s comes across as a quirky neighborhood shop, thanks to the Hawaiin shirts the employees wear, and the unique items on offer (pumpkin pancakes and low-fat chocolate yogurt come to mind).

I am now eager to take a trip to Germany to visit some other shops owned by the Albrecht family. I can only hope that free lollipops are the international norm.

1 Response to “Trader Joe’s Exposed”

  1. 1 Joyce November 3, 2010 at 12:29 am

    Sorry to break it to you, but the Albrecht family in Germany owns ALDI’S..a large chain of discount supermarkets. Nothing at ALL like TJ’s…no charm, no quirkiness, no customer service or friendly, helpful staff (they are mostly understaffed)…just low prices- which seems to be the most important thing for their German customers! I miss Trader Joe ‘s!!!

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