British Imports

British imports seem to attract fervent excitement when they hit the US. Liberty of London for Target seems to be winning over fans with its American debut.

A friend told me that there was a line outside the store in Manhattan. While I didn’t see a line at the Atlantic Station Target here in Atlanta, the displays were appealing. In fact, they were a lot more colorful than the ones I found in the store on Great Marlborough Street.

And the prices were amazing — not compared to other Target items. But they’re rock bottom next to their London department store counterparts.

I often tried, and failed, to find something at Liberty in London that cost less than 30 pounds. At Target, the flowered frames cost less than $10.

And as fun as sniffing the scented candles in Liberty’s Oxford Circus store was, you had to ask yourself if you really wanted one, since they were all about 25 pounds.

I got a black tea scented candle today for $10 (and seriously, who knew there was such a candle smell?).

So I have great expectations for all British imports. And I hope other Americans enjoy Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution as much as I did.

I loved watching Jamie try to win over the stern lunch ladies, and get an unhealthy West Virginia community to change their processed food loving ways.

His weeping in the playground during the premiere will surely woo viewers here.

And then, maybe his cook books will become more popular here in the US. Until then, I can serve his eggplant parmigiana to friends who come over for dinner, without worrying that they’ll know it’s from a book (and not from my imagination).

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