Where the princes at?

I found this clip mesmerizing: Wyclef Jean gets the royals, dignitaries and buttoned-up suits on their feet and dancing at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo today.

The people who had looked solemn, even grim, during President Obama’s acceptance speech were bouncing around with their hands in the air, even when Wyclef sang, “Where the princes at?”

When he found his way to the royal box, other guests of honor danced around, per his instructions, with an arm over their heads.

During an interview with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith that ran during the concert, Wylcef said that he improvised his live performances.

Just before he launched into his show-stopping version of “Sweetest Girl,” he told his band, “Give me a hit song, man,” as though they could have played anything and he would have been able to sing, dance, and get the whole auditorium on their feet.

Now that’s impressive. If I were Obama, I would have stayed through in Oslo Friday. I doubt anything going on in DC today can top that concert.

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