Maclaren recall – success!

I was worried that I would not be eligible for a Maclaren repair kit, because the recent recall applied to strollers purchased in the US.

While we bought ours during the recall period (1999-2009), it came from a store in the UK. Also, I couldn’t find the serial number under the stroller, which Maclaren’s website said one needed to get a repair kit. If I had found it, I was worried that it would give me away as a non-US stroller user.

And even though European strollers seemed to carry the same risk of finger amputation as their US counterparts, repair kits were only available in the US.

But after about 10 minutes on hold with Maclaren’s repair helpline (877-688-2326), I spoke to a helpful gentleman who explained that he would send me a repair kit without knowing my stroller’s serial number — no questions asked!

That said, we spoke about a week ago, and I haven’t received the kit yet….

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