Vestiges of Halloween Hoopla

Trick or treatingAfter spending more than $100 on candy and costumes, hiking up steep wet driveways to procure treats and watching the kids eat way too many lollipops, I can safely say that Halloween ’09 was a success.

It was the first official Halloween for the kids, and for my British husband, and it came with a reminder of home — the drizzly rain that fell through most of last night’s festivities was just like London’s autumn weather (and actually, spring, summer and winter weather, too).

We were mildly alarmed when the double buggy slipped on wet leaves while heading down our neighbors’ driveways, but that added to the spookiness.

Our house was by far the least decorated on the block, but the locals patronized it anyway. When I saw how much trouble our neighbors had gone to in stringing lights and cobwebs around their yard, I resolved to be better prepared next year.

We left a big bowl of unattended candy outside our front door while we took our kids trick or treating, and it was empty when we returned at 8:30.

So was one of the three mini pumpkins I had put out in a last ditch attempt to look festive. I hope the thief found a good use for it — I am stumped about what to do with mini pumpkins post Halloween.

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