Postal strike

A postal strike. Really? How inconveniently timed — just before my mother-in-law’s birthday.

Overall, I’ve found that the UK mail system is more efficient than the US. A letter sent by first class mail in Britain will reach pretty much anywhere in the country the next day. I’ve mailed letters in New York City to a destination three blocks away that have taken three days.

And pretty much everything I’ve sent by Royal Mail reaches its destination, as opposed to the package of CD’s my mother in law sent to my husband back in April, which have yet to arrive.

Here in Atlanta, we often receive the neighbor’s mail. But then, I have yet to experience an American mail strike. I think the Brits need to take on a motto like their US counterparts: “Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Gloom of Night….”

Or at least the very least, resolve their dispute in time to deliver my mother in law’s birthday sweater.

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