Atlanta Underwater

I thought I knew rain, after eight years of living in London. But I never experienced the kind of angry deluge that’s hit us since moving here.

Our backyard has turned into a swamp, and the city’s schools were cancelled, but I can’t complain. People have drowned in their cars from the rain and subsequent flooding.

My drive to work this morning was the scariest I’ve ever experienced. Each roll of thunder shook the car, while lightning lit up the sky. Even with the windshield wipers on full force, the view from the front window was blurry.

I ducked with every thunder/lighting punch, waiting for a tree or pole to come down on the car.

So maybe I’m paranoid. But in the big city rains I’ve experienced, you aren’t as exposed to the rain waters. And there seem to be more drains, so you’re not driving through two feet of water.

I miss London’s light, misty rain, even though it comes almost every day. When it rains here, it pours.

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