Driving and texting

This Welsh public service ad about the dangers of texting while driving is sickening. But I wish you could see something that shocking here.

It’s amazing to me how many people — adults! — talk on the phone and text while they’re driving. What could they possibly have to say that is so important that it can’t wait until they get where they’re going?

The one part I’d change about this particular ad is the age of the driver. It implies that only silly teenagers are guilty of texting while driving. But having been almost hit as a pedestrian and a driver in the US and UK, I can say with confidence that grownups — often with kids in the back of the car — are more wrapped up in their phones than in the road.

I hope the shock ads make a difference. This one was so revolting I am wary of getting into the car and facing the throngs of distracted drivers. Let’s hope they watch the ad, too.

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