High on Energy, Low on Swine Flu

We are in New York, where we have managed to dodge swine flu…so far.

Our son’s birthday party went off without a hitch, despite fears from some mothers that the gathering of small children could be a breeding ground for the virus.

Our party planning took us to the upper west side, where we spent $50 on cupcakes at Magnolia. We felt silly paying such a premium for flour, sugar and eggs, but they were a hit — we only had one of the 20 bite sized mini cupcakes we ordered ($1.50 each). img_3178People shied away from the bigger ones…a bit more of a commitment, I suppose.

It was fun to walk over there through the park, past the army of parents with massive strollers, and the families of (presumably) out-of-towners, who took up whole sidewalks because they were holding hands in a horizontal line. And the street performers, dog walkers, joggers, bicyclists, rickshaws…

I have missed the energy of New York since I’ve moved away: you never see as many people on the street in a month in Atlanta as you do in a day in New York.

When I took the subway downtown to meet a friend, I didn’t even bother opening my book — I was too fascinated by the interactions.

People surged forward on the N/R platform at 59th Street, well beyond the yellow line you’re not supposed to cross.
Subway crush

And everyone raced into the train, leaping into empty seats, without looking to see if any elderly people were left without a place to sit (there were). Two women kept chatting to each other, even as the subway doors closed between them.

Not a single person wore a mask. The swine flu fear isn’t as contagious in New York as I had thought it would be.

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