Back to London

I just got back from a week long trip to London, where we visited my in-laws, saw lots of friends, and tried to hunt down my wedding dress, which appears to be well and truly gone.

The one bright spot out of that whole mess is that it looks like the dress did not end up in a landfill in East London, as I had feared; rather, it appears that the dress was stolen. The fact that the dress might be worn again makes me feel a bit better — even if the new wearer is a thief.

London is always a great place to visit.  But it’s an odd feeling to return after having lived there, and to feel like you don’t really belong there anymore.

But we’re not sure we belong here either — we returned to a note from our landlord, saying that her lender is foreclosing on her house, and we need to move out in the next two months.  Welcome home, indeed….

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