Drive by greetings

I ran into a friend yesterday — not literally, thankfully. While I was making a left turn, I saw her waiting at a traffic light.

I tend to make eye contact with other drivers as I pass them. My theory is that this can reduce the risk of road rage incidents. It’s harder to get out and shoot someone if you’ve made eye contact. Or so I hope.

I recognized her as the mother of one of my daughter’s preschool classmates. We smiled and waved, and I drove on.

363305146605_0_sm2When I was in London, I ran into people on the street every day. I had lived in the same neighborhood for several years, so I encountered the same people often, at the gym, the grocery store, or at the doctor’s office. Most of us had babies we pushed around in strollers every day, rain or shine. 

Because we were always on foot, we could stop and chat. The driving culture here seems a bit more isolating. You really can’t have a conversation with someone you recognize, unless there’s a traffic jam. But that’s probably frowned upon.

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