Desperate Housewives

I went to a play group yesterday, with my two kids in tow. It was our debut at this particular play group — a mom I know from my daughter’s preschool had just moved away, and said she could get me in.

All the other play groups in the neighborhood are fully booked.  

As we don’t know many people here, I was pleased to have a social event.  We were the first to arrive. My daughter ate two cookies —  which looked like a lot, as there were only about ten laid out — played with puzzles, kicked a ball. Only one other mom arrived, which the host said was strange, as six had RSVPed, but then, of course, it was just a casual play group that met once a week.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I came home to an email from the host complaining that only one mom showed up (ahem. Actually, TWO showed up.  I suppose because I’m new, I don’t count) even though six had said they would come.  She had gone to the trouble of cleaning her house and preparing snacks (there were only TEN cookies!) so she deserved notice that others didn’t plan to show up.

I’ve had business meetings with less stringent RSVP policies than this play group.  Others seemed to be outraged by the email, as well.  Four women replied that they were dropping out of the play group. Seems a bit drastic — back when I was working, if someone sent an angry email, colleagues would shrug their shoulders and hit delete. There wasn’t much time for this level of drama.

I wondered what I had gotten myself into.  Then one lovely women replied to the thread of angry emails to say: “Has anyone welcomed our newest member?”

That was met with e-silence.

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