Facebook Can Be Dangerous

I checked the profile of a London friend today, and noticed photos of her daughter’s second birthday party.  She and I weren’t incredibly close — in fact, I debated about whether or not to invite her and her daughter to our two year old’s birthday party.

But because I was feeling nostalgic for London and all of our friends, both A List and B, I decided to invite them.  We were moving just a month after our daughter’s bash, so it was part Happy Birthday, part Goodbye London.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw photos of my friend’s daughter blowing out candles and popping bubbles at a party that appeared to take place a day after ours — only we weren’t invited.

Now there could be lots of reasons why we weren’t on their list — high cost per guest?  They didn’t like the gift we got her last year? — but why post photos on a Facebook page that can be accessed by people (like me!) who weren’t invited?!

Of course, it shouldn’t bother me.  My daughter doesn’t mind.  And I’ve learned a valuable lesson about which photos to post on my Facebook page. Plus, I saved the cost of a two year old’s birthday gift.

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