The Half-Time Divide

My British husband was in awe of the Superbowl half-time show. Not just because Springsteen, aged 59, seemed to run around the stage as much as some of the football players on the field; he couldn’t believe a stage and a dancing crowd appeared on the same field where the game had been played just minutes before. The 12 minute long performance, complete with fireworks, isn’t something you would ever see during a football match in Britain — especially if it hadn’t ended yet.

The Brits prefer to kick it old school. You won’t find cheerleaders, jumbotrons or cool graphics at their games.

They seem to be more purists about their sports. When they go to a game, they want to watch the game, then grumble about how badly it was played during half-time.

A singing and dancing Springsteen would distract the fans from their enjoyment of the half-time banter. But for those of us who are bored by football in either country, the half-time show is the perfect pick me up.

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