A Dental Utopia

It amazes and shames me to see how white the teeth of most Americans are. Amazing because socio-economic background doesn’t seem to have any impact on the state on a person’s teeth, which is almost invariably poker straight and blinding white.

And shaming because I’m afraid my teeth are just not as straight and white. I’ve been back in the US for less that two months, but I have already been to the dentist once, and am plotting a visit to the orthodontist.

The dental hygienist told me as she cleaned my teeth that the Europeans just don’t know how to clean teeth like the Americans.

I suppose in Britain, people fuss less over their appearance. If their teeth are fit for chewing, they figure they’re fine.

Slowly, teeth whitening places are cropping up in London.  But you’ll still encounter Brits with crooked teeth; graying front teeth; and sometimes missing front teeth.  They never seem to be bothered.  

Maybe that’s the secret — just to be comfortable with what you have.

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