IKEA — the same the world over

We went to Ikea, the discount furniture superstore, yesterday, and forgot we had left the UK.  From the throngs of rabid bargain hunters, to the massive bins of self-assembly furniture and the Swedish treats in the cafe, the shopping experience was almost identical to the one offered by the North London branch.

The difference for us was that we now have a car, which made getting there much easier. In London, we had walked along a highway for about a mile, then crossed a bridge over that same highway, and through a crowded parking lot.

Of course, now that we have a car, we had to fight our way through a similar crowded parking lot, and actually find a space to park our massive car.

At the end of our afternoon there, we felt the same exhaustion that we felt at the end of the London experience. But we also felt the triumph of finding big bargains: three carpets, a highchair, and assorted kitchen items we will probably never use (but how can you say no to an $8 lazy susan?!) cost us $180.

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